The Reasons Typical Applications

   •Temperature ranges to 2000F
   •Increased Precision
   — No liquid leakage as in bulb/capillary types
   — Snap action eliminates slow opening/closing
   •Twice the response time of bulb/capillary types
   •    •Rugged quality construction
   •Can function in high external pressures as
   compared to bulb/capillary
   •Minimal maintenance
   •Factory calibrated
   •Custom designs available


•Low temperature process (to -300F)
•Cleaning equipment
•Food processing
•Laboratory equipment
•Oil sumps
•Dryers, ovens, furnaces
•Processing alarms


•Asphalt burners & dryers
•Motors & pumps
•Air pollution equipment
•Power plants
•Steam generators
•Dust collectors
•Hydraulic power
•Motors & pumps
•Air pollution equipment
•Power plants