Pressure Regulating valves. Spring or Dome Loaded. Regulators for pressure control to inches of water column.
Differential Expansion Switch
Unique design for temperature control/safety limit switch, actuated by the different expansion rates of the component materials.

elbutton.jpg (1166 bytes)The Solid State Electronic Temperature Control Product Line, “EL” offers simplicity, excellent control and economical solution to tough problems.

debutton.jpg (1198 bytes)The Differential Expansion Product Line, "DE" is the standard electro-mechanical safety temperature limit switch against which all others are measured. The Burling Design is time tested and fool proof.

bvbutton.jpg (1643 bytes)Burling's BD/BS Series of Direct Acting and Dome Loaded Regulators are rugged and superbly engineered. Accuracies of inches of water column can be achieved. All units are designed for a specific application on a wide variety of fluid conditions such as temperature, chemistry and pressure. Used in conjunction with Burling Pneumatic Control, H-RA, Burling can offer you an even wider range for your application. Dome Loaded or Spring Loaded Pilot Valves for Air, Gas or Steam Service.

BurlingInstruments, Inc. has been intimately involved with Pressure, Temperature Controls and Safety Limit Switches for well over one-half century and has been instrumental in developing and manufacturing standard as well as custom designed products for end-users, OEM's and other major customers -- worldwide. Burling is the only manufacturer that can tolerate high temperatures in excess of 2000°F as well as high pressures.  All necessary approvals for the Burling Units are available, providing the widest scope of both electromechanical and solid state controllers available.

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Solid State Controllers
Low cost, high quality thermostat controls to keep your company competitive in the world market.